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What is WordCounter?

Whenever we write a content, we focus on some very basic things related to it. The quality and the excellence of the written content matters but there are a few things as well which people find very important. These things are the plagiarism, keywords and much more. Apart form these, people also need to know the exact wordcounter of any article. Either students, teachers or the content writers, they need to know what actually the word count must be. The clients and the teachers require assessments and the articles with a specific word count, so that is why people keep writing it and require a good words counter tool. The latest SEO tool known as the wordcounter Online is a new addition in the list because it provides the people with the authority to check the count wording of any article or content they want. It has some very brilliant superb features in which you cannot only check the total word count of an article, but can also know about the exact number of keywords and their percentage used in a specific content. So let’s lead towards the amazing features of this wordcounter checker tool online to know more about it.

Features of Wordscounter


This wordcounter tool is absolutely free and does not contain any charges at all. You may just open it and start using it for your purposes without worrying about the pricing. It also does not contain any paid version which could later demand payment from you in case of ending a free trial.

24/7 accessible

This tool is always available for everyone in the whole world. People do not have to worry about this fact because they never have to wait for a particular time to access this tool. It is 24/7 in the reach so that they may open it and start availing its features.

Word counting

This SEO tool this provide you with the very simple and easiest word counting so you do not have to count each word in order to know the total word count. 

Keywords counting 

People won’t only be able to count the total words of any content, but you may also find out the certain number of keywords in them. You can get the exact number of keywords used inside an article and what is its total percentage as compared to the other regular words. 

Easy to use

This tool is absolutely simplest one to use as compare to many other SEO tools. It just provides the word count of any content by just getting the text. You just need to click a button to get all the required results.


It works quite fast and efficient rather than those slow working SEO tools which also take longer to program, and often do not give the target results. So you may use this tool to get all the required information while saving enough time for your other tasks. 

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