Suppose that you write something wonderful and powerful that might can change or be another phenomenon, but your work does not get noticed rather people just ignore it and you do not get much recognition nor you get appreciated for that. Isn’t it heartbreaking? Indeed it is.

If you are going through the following situation this article will help you overcome it by just an acknowledgment of the word limit that is required for different sites or platforms online. By keeping in mind that criterion you would never fail to surprise anyone out there with your writing. The names of those platforms and the word count you need for them are mentioned below

  1. Twitter

Twitter is a platform that provides you the chance of being anything you want. Everything you have in your head is just a tweet away. But did you ever know how many words you are supposed to write there? Well, the answer to this question is 140 characters. Those tweets that range from 71 to 100 get more likes, shares, and retweets however twitter allows 140 characters. Moreover, Twitter is thinking to extend its word length to 280 words for all languages excluding Japanese, Chinese and Korean.

  1. Facebook

Have you ever noticed that people who write long content sometimes or most of the time do not get much appreciation rather sometimes or most of the time the shorter seems to be the better on Facebook? The maximum characters that you should utilize on Facebook are 40. Indeed less is more as it makes your writing easy to read and to understand also.

  1. Google

While writing something online on Google you just 60 characters that get into the headline of your text. It makes the reader comprehend it well and posts with this word length of headlines get more recognition.

  1. LinkedIn

While writing something for the business purpose all you need to put in the effort of producing 25 words maximum. If your writing is concerned with marketing to the customers you need to write 21 to 25 words and if it is to have a concern with businesses you need to write 16 to 25 words. In this way, you would get ample shares.

  1. Blog Posts

According to research was done by Medium and Buffer, blogs that can be read within 7 minutes maximum tend to attract the readers more. The maximum word length you write up is 1,600. Apart from keeping it less for not making the reader gets into turmoil to read it, you also need to make it catchy.

  1. Blog Headings

You only 6 words to make your blog headings to look admirable. Don’t judge a book by its cover is a renowned phrase but when it comes to blog headings people might judge the block by its headings so keep it short keep it smart.

  1. Hashtags

Hashtags have become a trend that people follow but do you know what Twitter experts and say? Well, they say that for hashtags you do not need any special characters nor you need to insert space. When it comes to hashtags you should also prohibit yourself from using excessive slangs and numerical. Hashtags should consist of 6 characters and that is enough for it to be famous.

  1. Title Tag

While writing a title tag there is just this one little rule that you must keep in mind that never makes it cross the limit of 60 characters otherwise it would get minimized by the search engine like Google, Yahoo, etc.

  1. Paragraphs

There has been researching done on the maximum word count you that you should follow while writing paragraphs by Dr. Mary Dyson from the University of Readings. According to that research, one must refrain from writing long paragraphs rather one should cut short the word length to 50 words maximum as it makes the reader understand it in a better way.

  1. Email Subjects

Email subjects play a vital role as they make it easier for the recipient to recognize what the mail is about and hence that person quickly reads it and responds to it. Email subjects also have some word count to be followed by the senders. While writing an email subject you should not exceed the limits of 28 to 39 characters.

The length of your text has a great impact on the one reading it. Keeping it to the point and brief makes a huge difference. All these guidelines provided to you above are to make you aware of the small mistakes that people usually make despite an excellent vocabulary, grammar, etc. They lack in the determination of the capacity that could make their text easier to be comprehended. By keeping in mind these words length you would be able to recognize the fact that exceeding the word length does not make any difference but making those words count is all that matters.