Many writers who are ready to step into the field of inspirational and professional writing get tangled in many questions like do they need to seek guidance from other writers? Are they going to improve it by joining a writing class? Is there this need to quit everything and emphasize on writing only? The point to ponder here is that anything that works for one writer might not work for the other writer.

It is quite difficult to utilize some time from your daily hectic schedule to work out your craft. Firstly, you need to realize either you are an aspiring writer or a writer? If you just talk about writing this means that you are an aspiring writer but if you write this means that you are a writer. Aspiring writers wish to write, however, writers do write. When it comes to writing aspiring writers commonly ask this question that how many words we need to write per day. For that purpose, you would need to keep an account of the number of words you write daily for your book.

By keeping in mind the word count of some famous writers you might a close idea about how many words you should in a day. People usually update posts and write uncountable words on social media. They give their comments upon an issue and tweet about several things. For writing a book you must not prefer writing on social media rather write it for the book you want to complete and it’s guaranteed that after that would not be complaining about not writing on social media.

Daily Word Counts

The daily word count for every writer is not fixed rather it varies from one writer to another. The writers this article will make you go through were not supposed to go for a 9 to 5 job every day so they had to earn their bread and butter by writing. However not every writer used to write the same amount of words. If you are writing for a long time and you know your word limit then you can relate to the word count of any of these writers.

Ernest Hemingway: 500 words

Hemingway a famous writer of his time had this schedule of writing from morning till noon every day since he had to write 500 words each day. According to him while writing for a novel or a story he used to start his work early in the morning and used to end it till noon or before that.

Stephen King: 2,000 words

Stephen King had an excellent writing speed and his novels contain an extreme amount of words. Stephen King has mentioned in his book On Writing that he used to set his target of writing 2000 words daily which leads to 180,000 words in three months. According to Stephen, one should complete the initial draft in the time duration of 3 months otherwise it gets tougher to catch back the story having the right amount of concentration. Due to his exceptional writing skills and speed, Stephen also participated in marathon writing sessions.

Jack London: 1500 words

Jack London wrote a classical novel “The Call of the Wild”. The writer had to write 1500 words a day according to him “The proper function of man is to live, not to exist. I shall not waste my days in trying to prolong them. I shall use my time”. Jack London was the first writer who became fortunate by writing.

Tom Wolfe: 135 words

Tom Wolfe was a kind of writer who was never hasty regarding the completion of his books. One of his books “A Man in Full” took him eleven years to accomplish it and he wrote 370,000 words in it.

Mark Twain: 1400 to 1800 words

Mark Twain is of this opinion that the place where you are present while writing has to do with the number of words you write every day. As stated by him while writing “Following the Equator” he was in Tedworth Square, London in 1897 and he could write 1800 words each day. But when he moved to Florence in 1904 his word count came down to 1400 words per day in a time duration of 4 to 5 hours.

  1. Somerset Maugham: 1,000 words
  2. Somerset Maugham is considered to be the most highly paid author of the 1930s. According to Maugham, there are three rules of writing but no one knows what they are. This statement shows that he was never fond of following any rule regarding writing.

Sarah Waters: 1000 words

Sarah Waters perceived the phenomenon of writing in a way that she used to write 1000 words every day and as per her statement those can be rubbish but she considered looking at them again later to make them work. Sarah Waters has written 6 novels till now and most of them have been adapted to make films.

Sebastian Faulks: 1000 words

Sebastian is a kind of writer who believes inconsistency. According to him he writes sitting in his office from ten to 6 and his motif is to write 1000 words every day. He says that Writer’s block is something that tells you not to say anything further so you should take it.

Michael Crichton: 10,000 words

Apart from many stories written by Michael Crichton, Jurassic Park is one of its kind. According to him, books are always in the process of being rewritten and this is the reason why his word count was high because he believed in the rewriting of books. Michael Crichton did not just prove himself as a good writer but also as a brilliant producer and film director.

Kate DiCamillo: 600-900 words

Kate DiCamillo is famous for writing children’s fiction. She has won the Newbery Medal twice for her works. According to her she daily writes two pages and five pages a week. She also stated that she was never fond of writing but she is glad of the outcomes.

Nicholas Sparks: 2000 words

Nicholas Spark is a romance novelist who has nineteen novels and all follow the same lead that a woman meets a new man always in his novels but still, his stories are worthy to be loved. According to Nicholas, it takes him five months to write down the thoughts that take a few months to get developed. He sets his goal of writing 2000 words a day which takes him almost six hours and to him, it is not an unusual pace.

J.G Ballard: 1000 words

James Ballard was a writer who even wrote having hangovers because according to him a man needs to be professional and discipline to achieve anything.

Ian McEwan: 600 words

Ian McEwan was mentioned to be among the 50 best British writers since 1945. He was a notable writer who also got 19th rank by the Daily Telegraph in the list of most powerful people in British culture. According to him he aimed for 600 words a day and ended often writing 1000 words.

Lee Child: 1800 words

Lee Child is best known for his Jack Reacher series novels that were adapted as movies featuring Tom Cruise. The writer has described his writing routine as such that he used to write from 12 to almost 6 in his office upstairs. It used to take 6 months for him to fill in the blank slate with his imaginative ideas.

Anne Rice: 3000 words

Anne Rice wrote about Gothic fiction at length. She says that when she enters the writing zone she needs no distractions and second thoughts. she just dives right into the pool of her ideas and then she could not keep track of the time she just keeps on writing the entire morning till afternoon and then evening and her goal is to write 3000 words daily.

Arthur Conan Doyle: 3000 words

According to the great detective novelist who featured Sherlock Holmes and wrote sixty stories on the legend, anything is better than being stagnant.

Arthur Hailey: 600 words

Arthur used to write in every situation because no situation could ever affect the word limit of this writer. He used to have this motif of writing 600 words either being sick or having an unstable state of mind he used to write anyways. One of his famous stories was adapted as a movie 'Airport’. 

Graham Greene: 500 words

Graham Greene is considered to be the number one writer of the 20th century. He is famous for writing momentous Catholic stories and thrilling stories. In the period of 67 years of his life, he wrote 25 novels. According to him, he could write 500 words daily for five days a week and with this motivation, he believed he can produce a book in a year which gives it a chance to be reviewed and revised. He exclaimed that he is not consistent as he can break the chain even in between writing a certain scene and according to him he has always been methodological.

Holly Black: 1000 words

Holly Black wrote children's fantasy The Spiderwick Chronicles. She also wrote adult fiction named The Modern Faerie Tales Trilogy. Holly Black keeps her word count online, to be honest, and most people comment on that this is not that many words but steady work make you get a novel written. Black also says that most of the time she does not feel as productive and though she tried to write 1000 words a day that cannot always be the case.