We all have faced such a situation when we jot down notes but later when we read them they do not sound useful rather useless. Have you ever been into a situation when you lend your notes to someone but the person returns them immediately excusing him for taking them?

The technique for efficiently taking notes is not taught in schools. However, they should be because many times you need to take notes of certain things that cannot be missed but you fail to do so because of lacking the knowledge about noting down the right thing. We will ensure that you get the right techniques and tricks to notes taking.

The following steps mentioned below will help you to get witty yet useful notes.

  1. Think about the purpose:

Before taking notes to make the purpose of attending a certain event or lecture clear in your mind. Perceive your notes be as a gateway towards success and powerful learning. Think about them as a source of promoting learning.

  1. Consider the worth:

While taking notes you must bring this thing into consideration that either the point needs to be noted down or not. You should not write anything for the sake of writing only rather for the sake of learning also.

  1. Do not transcribe:

Note down the points in your own words rather than writing everything word to word. Use your own words so that it would make you understand them later.

  1. Write it your way:

Taking notes does not mean you have to write the exact thing accurately rather it means to write down anything using your vocabulary irrespective of the grammatical authenticity and punctuation marks so that it may appear sensible when you would again read them.

  1. Make it concise:

Do not waste much of your precious time writing lengthy sentences and difficult words. Write short sentences and easy vocabulary as per your level and make the matter brief. You can link the ideas or several concepts by drawing arrows if you are writing with a pencil.

  1. Use Abbreviations:

Write down abbreviations and also what they mean so they would not get you tangled in the end.

  1. Make it appropriate:

Making the notes brief and using abbreviations does not mean to write incorrectly. Write those forms and words in their full forms that do not make sense in their short forms like some references, URLs, formulas, etc.

  1. Highlight the crux:

Suppose you are being taught a short story. You cannot write the whole long story, what should you do then? Well to get notes you are only required to write its crux the extract of the entire proceeding.

  1. Shorten it down:

Shorthand system is applied when you become a pro in note-taking.

  1. Missed something? Ask later:

Feel no hesitation in asking your colleague, teacher, etc. to repeat the point that you might have missed during writing.


This process begins when you have pondered all the points and now you need to make that work:

  1. Review your notes:

Reviewing the notes will help you go through everything that you have written and it would enable you to observe them further.

  1. Research more:

There are a few things that you might not be clear about in that case you can search for them to make all your ambiguities get cleared.

  1. Fill in the blanks:

Fill the gaps that you might have left while taking notes.

  1. Add in the content:

Sometimes you might feel like the content you have written is not enough so you can always write more content to it but make sure to keep it appropriate.

  1. Type your notes:

If you are taking notes by writing them on a paper then you must type them on your computer to keep them saved.

  1. Interact with notes:

Use your notes while interacting with other colleagues, classmates or teachers in this way you will learn better.

  1. Share your notes:

Lend your notes to other class-fellows and ask them about their viewpoints.

  1. Compare your notes:

By comparing your notes with others you would get to know more about different contents and it can also make you find out the mistakes either in your notes or in theirs.

  1. Make corrections:

By making corrections in your notes you would be able to make them more accurate and helpful for the long term.


  1. Learn from them:

Instead of writing down the points for just filling up your notebook learn from those notes and get knowledge from them.

These tips and tricks would help you even if you are not a beginner at taking notes but make sure you act upon them in the right way to make them work wonders in terms of increasing your knowledge.