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9 Commonly Confused and Often Hysterical Song Lyrics

09, Mar 20209 Commonly Confused and Often Hysterical Song Lyrics

It takes a great deal to compose verses of a tune. Musicians get into a genuine pound to write down verses for a tune. More often than not there is a story behind each word the songwriters have found for their tune. One can consider the song Yesterday by Paul McCartney as an example in this regard. McCartney has always exclaimed this that the lyrics striked him up while he was asleep, he just dreamt of them and wrote them anyways.Paul didn't compose any word for a couple of months so to occupy in the unfilled space he composed Scrambled Eggs till the time he didn't get some great verses for his tunes. It was revealed by John Lennon that McCartney got those lyrics through his another dream but somehow the song got featured and was a great success always.

The most challenging part while listening to a song is to get the right lyrics. Otherwise it would lead to singing something hilarious or senseless. This situation occurs to the listeners when the singer is not clear while singing also when the listener is not quite attentive or proficient enough in that language to comprehend the lyrics correctly. It occured to me once while singing Girls Like You by Maroon 5 I sang ‘girls like you love phone and yeah me too’ although it was ‘girls like you love fun and yeah me too’ you see how it gets absurd when you keep on singing a song a way it does not seems appropriate but since you get obsessed with the song you cannot hold yourself back from singing it anyways.

There is a long list of songs that are mentioned below who got sung by people in a wrong yet hilarious way. Sometimes the inappropriate way sounds the most appropriate. Any how these songs might not be the only ones that were interpreted this way there could be many other you can enlist.

I’m a believer by Monkeys

The group has been popular since 1966. The Monkeys released an album on their 50th anniversary named as the Good Times received enthusiastic remarks. The lyrics of one of their songs I’m a believer has been misinterpreted and sung in a wrong manner many times the lyrics in reality are ‘I saw her face , now I’m a believer’ they are sung by many as such ‘I saw her face, now I’m gonna leave her’. Does not it makes it abusrd that maybe that person is being judgemental enough to leave a woman by seeing her face.

I can see clearly now by Johnny Nash

Johnny Nash climbed up at the mountain of his success back in the 1970’s when he released a song I can see clearly now. The song had this lyrics ‘gone are the dark clouds that had me blind’ the misinterpreted lyrics are ‘gone are the dark clouds that had me black’. Does not it sounds racist to sing such a version of a song but anyways when it comes to lyrics people sing what they interpret.

I’m losing my religion by R.E.M

This song was sung by Michael Stipe who has clear vocals that it was not that likely to be the case that this song would get misinterpreted but since it has been said earlier that it is equally important to listen to the correct lyrics as it is important on the singer’s part to sing it clearly. The lyrics of the songs were ‘I have said enough’ that are sung as ‘I am sad enough’ well if you do not consider it as absurd enough lets quote another example from the same song the lyrics are ‘That’s me in the corner’ people interpreted it as ‘let’s pee in the corner’ does it even makes sense?

Tiny Dancer by Elton John

This song has been the love of every individual lately since it involved everyone around singing this song in unison but there are many interpretations associated with its lyrics also the original lyrics said ‘ but i feel so real lying here with no one near’ people sang it like ‘but I feel sorry lying here with no one near’ as if the singer wanted to be with someone near. Another lyrics that were ruined are ‘hold me closer tiny dancer’ it was converted to ‘ hold me closer Tony Danza’ people might adore him for his acting skills but who would ever want him to hold him or her closer sounds pathetic indeed isn’t it?

I want to hold your hand by The Beatles

People who mishear a song are not always someone who are casual listeners or the audience but sometimes even singers themselves hear the wrong lyrics on that said let’s recall that incident when Bob Dylan met The Beatles and appreciated them for this song but while praising the lyrics he said ‘I get high, I get high’ that was John Lennon who made correction and said that it was rather ‘I can’t hide, I can’t hide’.

Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix composed this song in reference to drugs. It belonged to the genre of love songs and was quite famous in the United Kingdom. As immediately as the song got released it was over heard also by many out there. The lyrics ‘scuse me while I kiss the sky’ was misheard to as ‘scuse me while I kiss this guy’ but Jimy never took it on a serious note rather he also enjoyed singing the wrong lyrics sometimes to amuse the audience.

Like a Virgin by Madonna

Madonna leaves people astonished sometimes gaping at the lyrics of her songs. Sometimes its her music that leaves people wondering and most of the times its her life that keeps people intrigued. The lyrics of Like a Virgin were also misheard by people the lyrics ‘ like a virgin touched for a very first time’ after being misheard it became ‘like a virgin touched for the thirty first time’. The people really made it sarcastic enough as talking about the virgin the song states touching her for thirty one times.

Africa by Toto

Toto released this song in an album and it striked at number 1 position in the Hot 100 U.S Billboard Chart. The song was a famous one in 1980’s but its lyrics were not also pardoned rather one if its lyrics ‘ I bless the rains down in Africa’ turned into ‘ I guess it rains down in Africa’.

Blowin’ in the wind by Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan is already famous for not singing clearly. This chart could not be completed without mentioning an example from Bod Dylan’s song. His song was considered as classical in 1963 one of the lines it said ‘the answer my friend is blowin’ in the wind’ but due to his way of singing people interpreted as ‘the ants are my friends they are blowin’ in the wind’. This one single line might have changed the entire perspective of the song.